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Jewellery Care

Jewellery is delicate and it may inter- act with air, water, light and humidity. Especially silver oxidises in the environment.

If you need to clean your jewellery you can use a soft cloth and a mild detergent in warm water. Silver jewellery can be cleaned with a special silver polishing cloth or a silver bath solution.

Your jewellery should be stored separately in an enclosed space like a jewellery box or a bag.

It is not recommended to wear your jewellery during sport activities, taking a shower or a bath or washing your hands. The contact with cleaning products, perfume, beauty products and chemicals should be avoided.

Your jewellery that is plated with a layer of gold will wear off over time depending on how it was cared for. It is possible to plate it again to get back the initial shine.


The rings are available in 50, 52, 54 & 56, which are based on the circumference in mm measured on the inside of the ring.

The bracelets are available in S (16 cm circumference)
& M (18 cm circumference)

If you are not sure about your size or you need a different size please feel free to contact us.